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Outdoor Teaching



Outdoor teaching shows the students to learn from reality. They learn from real time experience. It improves the child’s social intelligence in accuracy, managing etc.,.Outdoor education, training and recreation promote active learning through direct personal experience and offer excitement, fun and adventure within a framework of safety.


•    Students should be in full uniform, unless and otherwise stated.

• Parent’s consent forms will be sent home at least three to five [3-5]      days prior to the excursion. 

•  All consent forms must be signed and returned at least 24 hours prior  to the trip, or by the date stipulated on the notice[Hand written consent notes may be accepted depending on the type of excursion being under taken]

•        No telephone consents will be permissible.         

•        Only a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature is acceptable.

•        If a trip involves one or more overnight stays, parents may attend an information meeting at the school before their child is permitted to participate.