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Montessori Method

For the students of kinder garten level, the school follows the Montessori method of learning. As our world needs open-minded youth who will be capable of leading us in future, NCCS nurture the youth of tomorrow in their formative years, giving them the spare to grow and the security to become confident and independent decision makers. NCCS provides a variety of extra-curricular activities to fulfill individual needs. ‘See, touch, feel and study’ is the basic concept of Montessori Method. Montessori classes are divided into level I, level II and level III. The Montessori Method will make every child intelligent, charming and unpretentious.  

The pre-school years are characterized by an intense love of the home and family. A Child in this age group (3-6) is always on the move and is a sensorial explorer of his/her immediate environment, always touching and feeling the various materials and other activities on offer to them.

  • Language is particularly fascinating and he/she finds immense enjoyment in funny Sounds and rhythms. Most importantly, a child in this age group thrives with a sense of   Order (as distinct from tidiness).
  • The Montessori classrooms are set-up with specifically designed materials.
  • The classrooms are divided into five curriculum sections: Activities of Life; Sensorial; Language and Literacy; Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World. The program also incorporates Creative Arts, Movement and Singing.
  • The program and the environment are designed to encourage self-directed learning, Self-discipline and independence. All of these attributes are critical for a high level of confidence in order to develop a child’s potential.
  • In a Montessori classroom the child is able to satisfy his/her innate desire to learn, creating a marvelous foundation for a Lifetime of learning.