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Vision & Mission



Nandha Educational Trust
has a long and proud tradition of academic excellence. Nandha Central City School, an off spring of the Trust has the following vision.

To create citizens and leaders of tomorrow through traditional values of love, empathy, discipline and respect a new generation who will think globally and act locally.  We sum up our vision statement in these words “Excellence in Education and all-round development”.


Our primary purpose is to develop the individual talents of our school students through knowledge, skill and understanding while encouraging them to be inquisitive and resilient in dealing them to change in order to confront the world of tomorrow with confidence and self-esteem.

The Students of Nandha Central City School experience outstanding student support services and high quality facilities. The following mission creates a goal of mixing academic excellence and work experience skills which will make them flourish their future.“To create thoughtful leaders through holistic education and life-long learning”